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Previous Programmes Selection


Summer Sounds Symposium

February 14-16, 2003

Watch for Jim Hopkins – the Man for all Seasons – and The Being Upstanding Award, where volunteers are shepherded to their fate by the incomparable Mike King.

What happens when?

Master of Ceremonies: The Wizard of New Zealand

Chief Whip - Jim Hopkins

Time Manager - Darby Brooke


Friday 14 February 2003

7.30 pm – Welcome and buffet dinner

8.30 pmDavid Greagg: Science – facts or fantasies? A prescription for sanity.

Chaired by Greg O'Connor


Saturday 15 February 2003

9.00 amGreig Fleming: Watch-making versus whale-watching? The Swiss craft of democracy and wealth.

Patrick Morgan: The psychology of the grievance industry – or how to achieve victim status in ten easy steps.

Chaired by Rod Oram

10.30 am – Morning tea

11.00 amDr Alastair Macdonald, Dr Peter Brooke:

The undermining of professionalism: the intrusion of politics into healthcare.

Chaired by Hon. John Tamihere, MP

12.45 pm – Lunch. Time out follows

3.30 pm – Afternoon tea

3.45pmGraeme Hunt; Ian Wishart:

Business or funny business? Is New Zealand's corporate corruption-free reputation justified?

Chaired by Marc Alexander, MP


6.30pmThe Being Upstanding Award: Dinner and after-dinner forum.

Chaired by Mike King


Sunday 16 February 2003

9.30amDr Gerrit van der Lingen: The global warming disaster scenario –how uncertain science has been turned into a belief system.

Chaired by Hon. Nick Smith

11.30 am. Morning tea.

11.45am Kerre Woodham: Getting Closure

Horn Finale The Master of Ceremonies

12.30 pm

– Lunch -


Summer Sounds Symposium

February 8-10, 2002

Master of Ceremonies: The Wizard of New Zealand

Chief Whip  - Jim Hopkins

Time Manager - Darby Brooke



7.30 pm - Welcome and buffet dinner

8.30 pm Jim Hopkins: Thinking Outside the Square

      Chaired by Hon. Nick Smith, MP.



9.00 am  Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, MP.

            Your Place, Our Place - Whose Place is it?  Questions of National Identity.

            Followed by an open forum on the significance of our Western inheritance.

Chaired by Jeff McIntyre

10.30 am  - Morning Tea

11.00 am  Dr Andy Pratt; Willie Jackson, MP; Reuben  Chapple:

            Preferential-based Policies in Funding and Politics - Are They Intellectually Defensible, or Damaging?

  Chaired by Mark Sainsbury

12.45 pm  Lunch. Time out follows.

3.30 pm. Afternoon Tea.

3.45 pm Ron Mark, MP; Rod Oram; Peter Westmore:

            Where are we headed on economic and defence issues, and are these the right directions?              

  Chaired by Mike Hutcheson     


6.30pm The Being Upstanding Award:  Dinner and After Dinner Forum.

  Chaired by Mike King



9.30am Nick Davidson; QC, Ian Wishart

Questions of Political Reform: Towards strengthening democratic outcomes.

Chaired by Dr Greg Newbold

11.30am  - Morning Tea.

11.45am  - Getting Closure.

Nevil Gibson

            Horn  Finale - The Master of Ceremonies

12.30pm  - Lunch

Special thanks to Jeff McIntyre, Managing Director of Gemini Mortgages & Trusts, Ltd, and to Diggory Brooke, Director of Genesis Merchant Finance Ltd, for their firms’  kind  sponsorship.



Summer Sounds Symposium

February 9-11, 2001

Master of Ceremonies - The Wizard of New Zealand

Chief Whip - Jim Hopkins

Friday, February 9

Welcome and buffet dinner

8.30  pm   Elric Hooper: The Culture of Cowardice

Chaired by Jim Hopkins


     Saturday, Febuary 10

9. 00 am   Owen McShane; Ross Wilson; Michael Warby:

            The Economy and Social Policy for All: Where does New Zealand go from here? 

      Chaired by George Balani

10.30 am  - Morning Tea

 11.00 am           Merepeka Raukawa-Tait; Agnes-Mary Brooke; David Greagg: 

All Cultures to the Pumps. Is it time for all races to take responsibility for the downsides of their present cultural practices?

Chaired by Andy Pratt

2 pm  Lunch. Time out follows. 

3.30 pm - Afternoon Tea.

3. 45 pm   Tim Barnett; Sue Bevin; Jeff McIntyre

The Most Honest Directions? The decriminalising cannabis debate.                                                                     

Chaired by Ian Smith  

Symposium Bar Open

6.30 pm The Being Upstanding Award: Dinner and After Dinner Forum

Chaired by Mike King


Sunday, February 11 

9.30 am Nick Davidson, QC; Chris Finlayson; Rt. Hon. Winston Peters, M.P:

The Law - Industry or Profession? Is there a growing  dichotomy between justice and the law?           

Chaired by Dr Neville Bennett

11.30  am  - Morning Tea.

11.45  am  - Getting Closure.

            Horn  Finale - The Master of Ceremonies

12.30 pm - Lunch

Special thanks to Jeff McIntyre, Managing Director of NZ Contributing

Mortgage Brokers Ltd, for his firm's kind  sponsorship