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What participants said


"A stimulating occasion which provides access to some of the country's best minds."

Nevil Gibson, editor, National Business Review.


"They say you can never truly understand something until you can explain it to someone else. At the Sounds symposium the aggregate level of understanding must be enormous. I have never heard more cogent explanations on such an eclectic range of topics - from genetic engineering to most-modernist deconstructionism. Thank you for your single-minded determination in assembling such a diverse and interesting bunch."

Mike Hutcheson, executive director, Saatchi & Saatchi.


"The Sounds Symposium has become the most stimulating intellectual event on the New Zealand calendar. There's a high level of engagement of mind with mind, and an extraordinary sense of people generously giving and learning from one another Couple this with a focus on issues central to contemporary life, add the general atmosphere and good humour, and you have a uniquely rewarding occasion."

Dr Denis Dutton, School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.


"Particularly successful in providing time out for important debate across the spectrum of current issues. A congenial, attractive setting helps make this symposium special."

Roger Kerr, executive director New Zealand Business Roundtable.


"The great thing about the Summer Sounds Symposium is that it offers two days free of distractions and interruptions in which to discuss some of the things that really matter.

Karl du Fresne, features editor, The Evening Post.


"Thanks for a great weekend."

Greg O'Connor, New Zealand Police Association.


 "These conferences really are something special, with a diverse range of opinions, personalities and topics. You've managed to put something together here which is truly unique in this country, and the quality of speakers you attract is remarkable."

Dr Greg Newbold, Sociology Department, University of Canterbury.


"A splendid weekend…the topics were stimulating, the colleagues were convivial - the ambience was outstanding."

Ken Shirley, deputy leader ACT New Zealand.


"…It was a most enjoyable and stimulating weekend. The talks were all very good and it is fun to  be among such a fine group of intelligent, witty and vocal people. We also appreciated the range of ideas and political spread."

Dr Gerrit J. Van der Lingen, research associate, University of Canterbury.


"…The symposium was a great success, and you are to be applauded on the concept, the great organisation, and the quality and diversity of participants…immensely rewarding on many different levels."

Dr Andy Pratt, Department of Chemistry, University of Canterbury


"A must if you are not compelled to apologise for intelligent discussion…{and} you enjoy the quirks of people with radically diverse intellectual enthusiasms…"

Stephen Franks, Chapman Tripp Sheffield Young


"Amy Brooke draws together an eclectic and august body  from academia, the media, politicians, the business sector and the literary/arts sectors along with others in the real world! The well-chosen topics lead to scintillating and riveting debates. The mixing of such a diverse group guarantees an entire weekend of intelligent conversation laced with the humour of well chosen MCs against the backdrop of the quiet beauty of the Marlborough Sounds. An event not to be missed."
Jeff McIntyre Gemini Mortgage Finance





"More like a learn-in than a love in: the perfect tonic for open-minded, curious coves."

Jim Hopkins







"The Summer Sounds Symposium is simply food for a starving mind"

Mike King