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Programme 2007

The Power of One
"The greatest works are done by the one... The hundreds do not often do much - the companies never; it is the units - the single individuals - that are the power and the might. Individual effort is, after all, the grand thing."

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Friday June 22, 2007
7.00pm Welcome and buffet dinner
8.30pm Bill Muehlenberg - How cultures die.
             Chaired by Karl du Fresne

Inaugural address in gratitude for Frank Haden's support for the Summer Sounds Symposium and his contribution to a thinking society.

Saturday June 23, 2007
9.00am Dr Chris de Freitas - Refl ections on current global warming.
             Chaired by Dr Don Brash
10.30am Morning Tea
11.00am The China Conundrum
             Dr Paul Monk - The Mutation of the Chinese Polity: The Refl ections of Dali Yang
             Peter Westmore - Organ harvesting in China: an olympian horror
             Chaired by Nevil Gibson
12.45pm Lunch. Time out follows
3.30pm Afternoon tea
3.45pm Dr Greg Newbold - Another one bites the dust: New Zealand's latest experiment in criminal reform
             Marc Alexander - Who murdered New Zealand?
             Chaired by Greg O'Connor Symposium bar open
6.30pm The Being Upstanding Award. Dinner and after-dinner forum.
             The new format - Celebrating Western culture...
             Mistresses of Ceremonies... Kerre Woodham, Amy Brooke
             And celebrating the winter solstice - the sounds of summer coming!

Sunday June 24, 2007
9.30am Joseph Poprzeczny - Does electing politicians make us a democracy?
             Chaired by David Cohen
11.30am Morning tea
11.45am Book Time
             Quentin Wilson, publisher, Hazard Press
             David Flint - Getting Closure
12.30 - Lunch

Special thanks for their kind sponsorship to:
Mike Nathan, CEO of NZITA - New Zealand Israeli Trade Association
Quentin Wilson, publisher, Hazard Press - www.hazardpress.com

Cognos Ltd

"Thank you again for organising another wonderful conference. Once more you've excelled yourself in providing a great venue with an interesting and varied group of significant speakers. Summer Sounds is easily the best and most useful conference I ever attend, and I hope I can make it again next year."

Greg Newbold, Associate Professor,
School of Sociology and Anthropology,
University of Canterbury

Amy Brooke
Dircetor, Cognos Ltd